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3D Printing Benefits

Posted on January 27th, 2022 by Dr. David J. Griffin

Technology in orthodontics is constantly evolving, and at Griffin Orthodontics, we always try to use the most cutting-edge technology for treatments. One recent technological advancement we’ve employed is using 3D printing for impressions instead of using impression trays with molds. Following are some of the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

More Streamlined Process

3D impressions take much less time to create, therefore allowing the dentists to focus more on their patients and less on behind-the-scenes processes. With this method, molds don’t have to be sent out to labs to be made. This streamlines the process and makes it quicker and more efficient for both the patient and the dentist.

More Accurate

3D printers and digital impressions are extremely precise- much more precise than physical molds of teeth are. With increased printing and impression accuracy comes better orthodontic results.

More Flexible

3D printing an impression allows for more flexibility in results. With this special technology, you can fix anything – from a total smile makeover to one or two teeth, a 3D printer can handle it all. No matter how big or how small the change you desire is, a 3D printed impression allows for that flexibility and accuracy, therefore improving the accuracy of the results.

More Comfortable

No one likes goop in their mouth. Traditional impressions are done by putting paste on a molding tray and placing it inside the patient’s mouth over the teeth so that the teeth make a mold inside of the paste. With 3D impressions, this method is no longer used, and pictures are taken of the entire mouth using a special camera. No more goop, uncomfortable trays, or mess necessary!

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