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Git er done!

Posted on November 24th, 2021 by Dr. David J. Griffin

Don’t wait. Simply. Don’t wait.

This is a post to piggy back on my last. I want to address something that all parents need to know. Parents are you aware of the anterior open bite? Does your child have one? An open bite can be described as a bite which the front teeth do not touch but the back teeth do. People with this type of bite will often complain that when they bite into the salami sandwich, they get the bread and not the salami.

If your child has a bite like this…….

Griffin Orthodontics - Git er done!

Or this…..

Griffin Orthodontics - Git er done!

What is most important for parents to understand is that Once a child’s facial growth has peaked or stopped altogether, it is very likely your child will need a more aggressive and perhaps even surgical (enhanced) orthodontic intervention.

The consequences of an untreated open bite can lead to worn molars, broken molars, root canals, crowns, and TMD/TMJ in adulthood.

Get in to see your friendly neighborhood orthodontist, quick before your child is done actively growing!

More to come…….

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