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How The iTero Scanner Works

Posted on June 29th, 2021 by Dr. David J. Griffin

iTero, or intraoral, scanners have come a long way since they were first introduced. In today’s orthodontics, they are able to replace previously used sticky, sometimes inaccurate mold impressions. For many reasons that will be further discussed, the iTero scanners have completely changed the game when it comes to Invisalign and getting a straighter smile.

How Do They Work?

The iTero works by emitting a radiation-free laser from the wand of the machine. The wand that is easily and painlessly scanned over your whole mouth takes pictures to make a perfectly accurate digital 3D impression on a screen next to you. Previously, intraoral scanners were not as efficient or accurate because they were much larger, meaning they couldn’t fit everywhere in a patient’s mouth therefore they weren’t able to take complete and accurate scans of a patient’s entire set of teeth. The iTero can reach even the back-most molars on one’s mouth, and the scanning typically only takes a few minutes.

Why Is This Method Better?

The iTero is an orthodontic hero for many reasons- for both the patients and the doctors! For starters, the Invisalign and retainers can be made much sooner and faster with a digital impression as opposed to a physical clay impression. The iTero impression is also as comfortable as can be for patients, with nothing but a small plastic wand running over their teeth instead of big trays of thick clay. The iTero scanner also produces much more accurate impressions of one’s mouth, as sometimes the physical clay can miss some spots, but the digital scanner won’t. Best of all, the iTero allows for a smile simulator.

What is the Smile Simulator?

Perhaps one of the most advanced capabilities of the iTero dental scanner is the smile simulator. Not only does your current scan show up on the screen so you can see how your teeth and smile currently are, but this invisalign simulation will let you see how your teeth will look after treatment. You won’t have to wonder how your smile, bite or alignment will change, so you can have an easier time deciding if you want to pursue treatment for those results.

Working With The Right Team

The best thing you can do for your orthodontic treatment is pick the right team to work with and to perfect your smile. At Griffin Ortho, we make it our goal to not only offer the highest quality of care for your teeth and overall health, but to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Our use of the iTero scanner is only one of the many reasons that Griffin Ortho provides the best orthodontics in Oak Creek, WI and the surrounding areas.

With next day consultations and shorter treatment times available, it’s no wonder we have satisfied new and returning clients. If you’ve been thinking of perfecting your smile but have been putting it off, we urge you to schedule a consultation today!

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