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Invisalign Near Greendale for Teens

Posted on May 25th, 2020 by Dr. David J. Griffin

People have been preoccupied with straightening their teeth for centuries. Some of the earliest evidence found by archaeologists show that ancient Egyptians were developing ways to straighten teeth and align the jaw. Modern day orthodontics began to emerge in the 1800s, though the term ‘braces’ wasn’t coined until the early 1900s.

Metal braces have been the dominant method for straightening teeth for decades, and many of today’s adults are familiar with the process, having gone through it themselves or knowing someone who did. In 2020, parents have another option to choose from when it comes to orthodontic care for their teen: clear aligners.

Comparing Invisalign and Braces


After reaching a certain age, many of us forget how difficult it is to be a teen. Many studies have proven that appearance is more important to teens than to adults. The social pressure to look a certain way can be quite difficult to deal with, in addition to the other changes happening in their lives. Clear dental aligners are ideal for many young people who want to discreetly align their smiles and are often sought out for this reason specifically.

Ease of Use

Both braces and Invisalign require a certain level of engagement with the process. Both treatments require regular check-ups with an orthodontist throughout treatment and special daily care. When directly compared, Invisalign requires more effort on the patient’s part, including additional daily practices. If your teen is not dutifully wearing their aligners as recommended by their orthodontist, the treatment will not progress correctly.

Activity Level & Durability

If your teen is active in sports, clear aligners may be ideal for them. Unlike with traditional braces, Invisalign clear aligners can be removed during contact sports to allow for a mouthguard to be worn. While undergoing treatment with traditional wire braces, it’s extremely common for a person to experience a loose wire or broken bracket caused by accidents on and off the sports field. Though Invisalign is not impervious to damage, the aligners are quite durable and unlikely to crack. Additionally, most aligners are worn for a period of only two weeks. In some damage cases, an orthodontist may recommend wearing the next pair ahead of schedule.

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