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Pets and Retainers

Posted on August 25th, 2020 by Dr. David J. Griffin

We’ve all heard, “The dog ate my homework!” But here at Griffin Orthodontics, we more often hear, “the dog ate my retainers!” And no, we aren’t joking!

Retainers are dental appliances that help hold teeth in their new positions after completing orthodontic treatment. Retainers are the most reliable way to preserve your new smile, and they must be worn regularly, and as prescribed by Dr. Griffin.

At some point during the day, a retainer must be removed to eat, drink, or clean. When the retainers are removed, they should always be placed in their protective case until ready to be put back in. All too often, retainers are placed in napkins, in pockets, or thrown in a purse, but the safest place for them is in their case. Otherwise, retainers face the risk of being stepped on, sat on, being thrown out, or may become Fido’s newest chew toy.

Pups just can’t seem to resist retainers that are stored improperly. The material that is used to make retainers is often the same material used to manufacture dog toys. Not only is the material familiar, but the smell and saliva on the retainer make it extra enticing to your dog. Placing retainers on a countertop may seem harmless, but the safest place for them is in their case and far out of your pup’s reach.

Damage done to your retainers by Fido not only can impact your new hard-earned smile, it could also impact your bank account. New retainers are not cheap—plus, if your pup swallows any bits, it might cost you a trip to the vet too!

Dr. Griffin and staff at Griffin Orthodontics only want what’s best for your family and their smiles, including Fido’s! Once you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment with us, don’t forget to put retainers away the right way—in their container and far out of your pet’s reach! And if you’re ready to begin your orthodontic treatment, just give us a call!

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