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Keep your orthodontic work in tact

Replacement Retainers

Once the hard work has been done to straighten your smile, it’s time to commit to wearing your retainer! Following orthodontic treatment—such as with traditional braces, Invisalign®, or Radiance™ braces—you will need to begin wearing a retainer on a regular basis to keep your smile in perfect condition.

While some retainers are designed to be permanent oral fixtures, in most cases the patient will need to keep track of a removable appliance. It’s not uncommon for a retainer to need to be replaced for one reason or another. Fortunately, the process is very easy with our orthodontist near New Berlin.

The Importance of Wearing Your Retainer

Left alone, teeth naturally shift with time in your mouth. Those who have undergone time-consuming orthodontic work will want to preserve their new smile for as long as possible. Most patients are asked to wear their retainer for a period each day (or night) to keep the position of their teeth intact. Those who fail to replace lost or damaged retainers, or who fail to comply with their wear schedule, will see their teeth change position over time. While it may take a year or longer to see this effect, it can be disappointing to realize you are once again a candidate for corrective treatment later in life.

Types of Retainers

Some of the most common kinds of retainers available to patients include:

  • Hawley Wire Retainers

This type of removable retainer is made with a combination of acrylic and metal wire. The acrylic base tends to be formed as a semi-translucent, gum-colored piece. The metal wire is submerged within the acrylic and wraps around the teeth when worn. Only the thin band of metal is visible when worn.

  • Clear Plastic Retainers

Clear plastic retainers look similar to Invisalign® and Radiance™ appliances. They are virtually invisible when worn over teeth. These retainers can be easily removed. Some patients find this type of retainer smoother in the mouth and therefore more comfortable to wear.

  • Fixed Bonded Retainer

A fixed bonded retainer may be applied to the upper or lower teeth in order to prevent movement. This type of retainer may be a good option for individuals who are worried about losing their retainer. One drawback is that patients will need to clean around the apparatus.

How Often Should I Replace My Retainer?

Retainers are designed with effectiveness and durability in mind, but they’re not impervious to wear and tear. Unless the retainer is damaged or lost, it should last 2-3 years before needing to be replaced by an orthodontist near New Berlin. You can help keep your retainer in good shape by gently cleaning it and carefully storing it when not in use.

Visit Our Orthodontist Near New Berlin

If your retainer has been damaged, lost, worn out, or simply doesn’t fit correctly—we can help! You’ve already gone through the work to straighten your smile, don’t put off replacing your retainer. Dr. Griffin is an experienced dental professional with a true passion for the art and science of orthodontics. A visit to our office is guaranteed to be a positive, welcoming experience. Contact us today to book your appointment.