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What Can Braces Help With?

Posted on August 20th, 2021 by Dr. David J. Griffin

Braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic treatments are a great way to improve your smile and overall oral health. You may be unhappy with the look of your teeth and want to make a change, but not fully know all the benefits orthodontia can have for you.

Jaw Problems

While braces can straighten out your teeth, they can actually also help solve jaw issues! If you have an underbite or overbite, that’s most likely caused by having a misaligned jaw. Correcting and straightening your teeth can also help reposition your jaw and solve your under or overbite. This can even positively change your facial structure.

Open Bites

You may have heard of over and under bites, but open bites are a different kind, where there’s a large gap between one’s upper and lower teeth when the back teeth are closed and touching. This typically happens from using a pacifier or thumbsucking and usually goes away when baby teeth fall out, but it can sometimes affect the adult teeth. Luckily, orthodontics can successfully fix these types of bites.

Speech Issues

If you or your child suffer from speech issues, you may not even know that they could be due to misaligned teeth. If your jaw isn’t aligned correctly, it’s very possible that it could cause speech impediments. Braces can fix the misalignment and jaw issues, therefore positively impacting your speech and pronunciation.

Misalignment may also cause issues with being able to chew comfortably and effectively, which can also be treated with braces or Invisalign.

Unhealthy Teeth and Gums

Having healthy teeth and gums is vital to your overall health. If your teeth are overcrowded or overlapping and you aren’t able to properly brush and floss them, you will be much more susceptible to gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, and other oral health issues. Receiving orthodontic treatment will ensure that the spacing or alignment of your teeth doesn’t impede your ability to take care of them.

You should be able to get the plaque and tartar off every part of your teeth, and not have any spaces that you can’t reach.


Your smile is often the first thing people notice when they look at you. If you’re not confident about your smile and teeth, it’s very possible that it knocks down your self-esteem. Having a beautiful smile that you’re proud to show off will boost the way you feel about yourself and your appearance. You’ll never regret giving yourself or your children the gift of confidence.

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