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West Allis Orthodontics: Straight Teeth, Easy Fixes for Kids

Posted on October 20th, 2019 by Dr. David J. Griffin

Think of your kid’s visit to the orthodontist at age 7 like their first superhero check-up! The American Association of Orthodontists says this is the perfect time. Why? Because most kids this age have enough grown-up teeth for an orthodontist to spot potential problems and fix them with superhero speed!

West Allis Orthodontists: Your Child’s Smile Sidekicks!

Imagine if your little one’s smile could avoid future supervillain battles with crooked teeth or misaligned bites. That’s the power of early orthodontic checkups! Here’s how Griffin Orthodontics can be your child’s smile sidekick:

  • Mission 1: The Super Smile Check-up! We’ll take a peek at your child’s bite. Maybe it’s already perfect and they get a gold star!
  • Mission 2: Villainous Vibes Detected! We might notice something that could become a problem later. Now, we can keep a watchful eye on it.
  • Mission 3: Time for Superpowers! We find a problem that’s way easier to zap when your child is younger.

Does your kid need a smile sidekick?

Don’t be fooled by seemingly straight teeth! Orthodontists are like smile detectives, spotting hidden trouble like:

  • The Dreaded Thumbsucker! Thumbs can be sneaky smile villains.
  • Tooth Traffic Jam: Crowded, crooked, or stuck teeth – yikes!
  • The Clench and Grind Gremlins: These guys can cause big problems.

Find Your Perfect Smile Squad!

At Griffin Orthodontics in West Allis, we’re all about super smiles! We make your child’s visit fun and positive. Contact us today and let the smile adventures begin!

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