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In our continuous effort to provide the very best orthodontic treatment, Griffin Orthodontics is excited to offer PROPEL Orthodontics to our patients. PROPEL works with the patient’s own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth. Patients will finish their treatment with exceptional results in less time and with fewer treatment visits.

What is Propel Orthodontics?

PROPEL Orthodontics uses innovative devices during procedures to assist Dr. David J Griffin in shifting teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible. The PROPEL System can be used in combination with current orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign and traditional braces, to help move teeth into their desired position faster.

The PROPEL System creates alveolar perforations to make orthodontic systems, such as Invisalign and traditional braces, more efficient. PROPEL is a minimally invasive procedure that creates micro osteo-perforations to stimulate bone production in the upper and lower jaw. Just like acupuncture may be able to stimulate a healing response, PROPEL is similar to a form of “dental acupuncture” to stimulate tooth movement to occur at a faster rate.

The PROPEL system will help both your teeth shift and tissues heal faster than they ever could with orthodontic treatment alone, meaning less treatment time for you! While each patient varies, many can have their orthodontic treatment completed in less than a year with the use of PROPEL.

Why should I consider PROPEL Orthodontics?

An increasing number of people are seeking a variety of orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth. So why not get treatment now for less time? Here are a few more reasons you may want to consider PROPEL technology:

  • Safe
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Performed chairside in minutes with a local anesthetic
  • Reduce orthodontic treatment time