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Surgical Orthodontics

Micro-Osteoperforation™ is a university-developed technique that uses proven technology to accelerate the rate of orthodontic tooth movement. It’s an innovative, micro-invasive procedure which can accelerate treatment by up to 62%.

Rapid Treatment

When adults require orthodontic treatment, it’s often the considerable length of time needed to achieve the desired results that discourages these patients from going through with their plan for care. Micro-Osteoperforation™ is a procedure that has been developed to address this problem as the growing demand for rapid orthodontic treatment has increased.

This procedure is based on sound bone biology principles, and is a safe, minimally invasive technique. Furthermore, it can be used in conjunction with any orthodontic appliance, to change the type of tooth movement, accelerate tooth movement, or create differential anchorage (resistance to unwanted tooth movement).

Advantages of Micro-Osteoperforation™

Micro-Osteoperforation™ is an exceptional, up-to-date technique that is outstanding when it comes to the ease of implementation. It also carries the advantage of being repeatable as needed. It is designed to increase the rate of orthodontic tooth movement by enhancing the normal cellular response. Because many orthodontic patients complain about the physical and social discomfort that’s associated with the lengthy use of fixed orthodontic appliances, this is a procedure well-suited for today’s orthodontic patient.

Prolonged use of fixed appliances is also associated with periodontal and dental complications including gingivitis, apical root resorption (loss of tooth structure), periodontitis (inflammation of tissues surrounding the teeth), increased levels of dental decay, and enamel loss. Micro-Osteoperforation™ can shorten treatment, reducing, or even eliminating these problematic side effects.

One more important advantage of this technique is that because it accelerates bone remodeling and orthodontic tooth movement, it can eliminate the need for “accelerated orthodontics” surgical procedures.

What is Micro-Osteoperforation™?

Micro-Osteoperforation in orthodontics (also called MOPs) accelerates tooth movement during orthodontic treatment using a process of creating small perforations (pinhole openings) in the bone around the teeth. It is an in-office procedure done by your orthodontist near Franklin which can be used in conjunction with all orthodontic treatments and causes no down time. It shortens the length of treatment time for patients with Invisalign, braces, and other orthodontic appliances.

Teeth move through bone with the assistance of all types of cells, including those that cause inflammation. With this procedure, your orthodontist is inducing a favorable inflammatory response by creating perforations in the bone. MOPs utilize your own body’s biological responses to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth, resulting in faster tooth movement.